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Faced challenges as a result of limited brand awareness in the region, and limited knowledge of local job market.

With 2 full time consultants working together with Transferwise's Tech, Recruitment and Operations, we managed to increase inbound applications by 27%, successfully onboarded 2 senior leads to spearhead new teams, and reduced the number of applicants per hire by 91.3%. This ended up saving engineers over 720 hours in interview time!


Faced issues attracting senior leadership to keep up with their rate of scale.  

Hiring with diversity was also a one of their priorities. With that in mind, the team sat down with the management team to understand their requirements and their ideal candidates. Within 3 months, we successfully placed 3 CTO level candidates, enabling their teams to scale to over 100 people. 


Had difficulties identifying, understanding and engaging with their target demographic

Understanding the talent was a priority here, so we worked with the Engineering Leadership team to document desired traits in talents, and to streamline job requirements. After conducting market research to understand how to reach out to these talents, we were able to reduce 1st interview failure rate by 53%, and successfully onboarded Engineering Managers to spearhead new teams within the company. 


Were looking for talents with rare skillsets, which made hiring for critical positions difficult at their rate of expansion

By working with senior management and collectively researching a highly niche market sector, we managed to create a sustainable talent pipeline who were able to meet their requirements. As a result, we were able to onboard 75% of their Data Engineering team, 50% of their Platform Engineering team, and achieved a 100% acceptance rate on offers presented and accepted across Engineering. 

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