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We've built and optimized teams who've gone on to build world class platforms and systems that have moved billions of dollars 

We've on-boarded up to 75% of our clients' Engineering teams

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We'll manage your hiring needs on an adhoc basis. Good for low volume needs

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Embed our teams into yours on a flexible basis. Great for higher volume hires

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Our researchers will get you everything you need to build your business case and plan your growth

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Discover what really matters to your talents. So you can develop your brand and retain talent.


We'll get you back to maximum efficiency and productivity. 

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Times are hard and we want to help.

The first "hire now, pay later" HR System in Singapore

Ninjavan's HR Business partner, a Breathe Consulting Client

Wesley Ng, Ninjavan

Their candidate evaluations are more comprehensive compared to other partners, and are tailored to Ninja Van's needs.

Vadym TW.jpeg

Vadym Vasyliev, Transferwise

Breathe Consulting approached problem with a great attention to detail, commitment and creativity. I got the feeling that challenges on the way made Breathe Consulting to work even harder

Eyeota's Global HR Director, a Breathe Consuling Client

Yassen Soussi, Eyeota

They have provided honest and transparent advice to all our stakeholders, even on matters that other consultants would find difficult to broach

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