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VP Engineering, Transferwise

We were lucky to meet  Breathe Consulting shortly after TransferWise has expanded to Singapore. We were looking for the software engineers to form a core of our team:  technically strong, product-oriented drivers that are keen to contribute to TransferWise's mission. The requirements were truly unorthodox to the local market and some of the recruiting firms that we engaged with simply gave up on finding such unicorn candidates. Breathe Consulting approached problem with a great attention to detail, commitment and creativity. I got the feeling that challenges on the way made Breathe Consulting to work even harder accepting these challenges as their own. It's a great pleasure to be working with them: very organised, friendly and result oriented team!


VP Talent, Go-Jek

It was fortunate that I met Breathe just as Gojek was starting our operations in Singapore. We faced the challenge of needing the best senior talent to support our rapid growth plans very quickly. Breathe did a great job of understanding Go-Jek, our culture and the things we were looking for. They curated a great pipeline of talent that has helped us to scale throughout the year. 

I really enjoyed working with them, and not only value their contributions, but also look forward to solving tougher scaling challenges as we continue to work with them to scale in Singapore. I'm so glad our investment in Breathe paid off! 


HR Business Partner, Ninjavan

Breathe consulting has been an exceptional partner for recruitment, regularly providing us with excellent engineering candidates. Their candidate evaluations are more comprehensive compared to other partners, and are tailored to Ninja Van's needs. They have easily established themselves as one of Ninja Van's most trusted agencies to work with.


Director, Eyeota

I have been working with Breathe Consulting for the last year and a half now. They have played a significant role in helping us expand our team of Back End and Data Engineers by creating a steady pipeline of high quality candidates for us to evaluate. James and his team have consistently paid a lot of attention to understanding our requirements precisely and most importantly, saving time for us by applying those requirements rigorously to the candidates proposed to us. I have also been impressed by their ability to give us high quality feedback on our interview process, and this shows that they are equally receptive to both interviewers and interviewees consideration.


Global HR Director, Eyeota

We’ve been working with Breathe now for around 2 years in Singapore. In my opinion, they delivered a sound service across our complete spectrum of engineering teams within Eyeota. They have provided honest and transparent advice to all our stakeholders, even on matters that other consultants would find difficult to broach. On request, they also crafted a customised solution which was both tailored to our specific needs and more cost effective than other options. Highly recommend.

Job Seeker Testimonials



I applied my current job through Breathe Consulting last year, it is definitely one of the top recruiting companies I ever met. The team were super friendly and have tremendous experience in the tech recruitment market. They made sure I found the best company that matches my working experience and interest instead of just pushing for another successful hiring.



"As a software engineer, I have been dealing with tech recruiters my whole career. To some extends, everybody knows how this business works, so at the end of the day, it should be all about respect, professionalism and helping each other to achieve a common goal. The Breathe team got this spot on. To me so far, they are the best, by a distance, in supporting candidates, following up and giving advice. Honestly, restore my faith in this recruiting business..."



Breathe walked me through the recruitment process like a true friend. They constantly followed up with me during my interview process. They helped me to understand the culture of companies I was applying for and assisted me in setting my expectations right. 


I landed a great opportunity with their help and I was lucky having them walking me through the somewhat stressful job seeking process.” 


Tech Lead

I was impressed by the professionalism exhibited by Breathe. What sets them apart from the others is the proactiviness they take to assist you and then going beyond and over to help achieve your goal. They perform curation so as to best match you to the opportunities based on your preferences and then they constantly help and train you to help achieve it. Unlike others with Breathe it's not just sending you the job descriptions and forgetting about it but rather talking to you, finding your preferences, aspirations and then discussing each opportunity personally with you to find whether it's a good fit. Once that is done they will make sure you have access to all the relevant information to help you succeed. Would definitely recommend Breathe to anyone who is looking for a new challenge


Tech Lead

Breathe are the most professional career consultants I have worked with. Their experience/training shows up in the conversations I had with them. I also consulted Breathe on how to properly handle my resignation as it was a little sensitive. Their advice was spot on. Right from the interview phase to the salary negotiation phase Breathe ensured that the process was smooth and I was kept informed at all times. I got pretty similar feedback for him from the friends I have referred to him thereafter!


Software Engineer

I'd like to thank Breathe for introducing me with a new career opportunity with Go-Jek. As a  “not so bad” software engineer I got invitations from many different recruiters or recruiting companies, Breathe was one of the best I've ever met. They walked with you as a friend through the whole process, from the job listing, interview preparation, to the final offer negotiating. They've showed their excellent professionalism, and, respect, through the whole process. It's a pleasant journey to work with Breathe, thanks one more time.


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